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Cohabitation agreements

As more couples choose to live together without the formality of marriage, the implications on practical arrangements are often left unchecked. The law treats cohabitees differently to married couples so it is prudent for couples living together to have an agreement in place which sets out what should happen if the relationship breaks down.

Everys family law solicitors will help you draw up a cohabitation agreement, which is like a pre-nuptial agreement for unmarried couples. In the event of a relationship breakdown, it can provide for: the financial obligations of either party, distribution of assets owned before the cohabitation and assets acquired during cohabitation, and liability for debts. 

While these agreements are not strictly enforceable, they are being increasingly seen as persuasive in the event of separation. Even when a couple has an entirely justified trust in each other, this type of agreement could help avoid a lengthy dispute.

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