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At such a difficult time it can seem unfair that you have to jump through so many complicated hoops to wrap up your loved one’s affairs. Being an executor can be complicated but Everys' probate solicitors will protect you from any personal liability that these might bring.

Even if there is a will, you might have to obtain a grant of probate, sell a property, claim tax relief or refunds, deal with business matters or agricultural property, and provide a full set of accounts, so that all the beneficiaries can see, to the penny, how the estate has been divided up.

Everys' wills and probate lawyers can explain what each step means and how we can help you to take it in a cost-effective manner. We can explain what assets somebody had before they died and also help you to recover them, pay the funeral expenses, any debts, liabilities and taxes, and then divide the remaining assets appropriately between the beneficiaries named in the will or those entitled. If there is a trust involved we can advise on the best way to deal with it and even advise on any tax planning opportunities available to those inheriting.

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