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Trusts and tax

Making sure that your assets pass to the right people in the right way is not easy. Whether you want to make provision for children and family members or whether you are just interested in preserving your estate, it is not just as simple as stipulating what you want to happen when you die.

Understanding how taxes and the law apply to you both now and in the future can be utterly baffling. If not managed expertly you can wind up getting a very different outcome from the one you would like. Whether you are considering writing a will or trying to take action now, effective tax and trust management is an essential way to protect your assets and control what happens with them.

Everys trusts and tax planning team provides its expertise on income tax, capital gains tax, and trust and tax returns, as well as setting up trusts, running them, acting as trustees and dealing with income tax to date of death and settling estates to assist you throughout your whole financial life.

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