Be in control of your estate … make a will!

Be in control of your estate … make a will!

These are unprecedented times, and with difficult times comes difficult conversations. That includes thinking about what we want to happen to our estate when we die.

Making a will may not resolve all your fears or issues, but it goes a long way to giving you peace of mind to know how your estate will be dealt with upon your death.

People often think that if they die without a will all their estate will go to their spouse or civil partner. This is not the case and it depends on the size of your estate. Another misconception is that unmarried partners will be entitled to a share of their partner’s estate if they die without making a will. This, also, is not the case and partners can be placed in a position of having to make a claim against an estate at a very difficult time for them.

There are important questions we may need to ask ourselves such as who will look after my children? Does my family know my funeral wishes? How will my digital assets be accessed? Do I need to do some tax planning or care fee planning?

Making a will puts you in control. You can choose the person, or persons, whom you want to sort out your estate. You might have a vulnerable child and want to protect their assets or a care package by placing monies into a trust.

My best advice is to discuss those important questions with a qualified adviser who can guide you through your choices that help you to achieve your objectives.

At this time, we are responding to the challenges of preparing wills and we have found flexible ways of working whilst maintaining professional standards. Our offices are not yet open to the public. Most instructions are taken via the telephone or by FaceTime, Zoom or Teams.  The signing of wills can be done remotely if clients can source their own witnesses. If not, we are now able to offer will signing outside some of our offices. Some home visits are available where it can be done safely, and all parties involved feel comfortable.

If you would like to discuss making a will, please call 01404 43431 or email Jane Flaherty at