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Understanding the value of your brand is key to protecting it from being damaged or exploited due to infringement.

Intellectual Property is something that has been created by you, an employee or a third party for the benefit of your business and includes names, logos, written pieces of work, software, taglines and social media tags. These all contribute to your company image, helping you achieve recognition and develop a strong brand.

Your image and reputation are crucial to the success of your business; however, with globalisation and the internet, the chances of your intellectual property being infringed is greater than ever. That’s where we come in. Our Intellectual Property lawyers will safeguard your brand through the licensing of trademarks and will help detect where brand infringements have occurred, taking the appropriate action to redress this where necessary.

There are a number of measures a company can take to protect its intellectual property from being stolen or misused without permission and these include copyright, trademarks, patents, registered and unregistered design rights, and confidential agreements.

Our Intellectual Property solicitors and patent law experts will help you devise and implement a strategy that protects your brand, including drafting formal ownership agreements which outline clearly who owns what, and prevents employees or third parties laying claim to pending intellectual property or patents.