How can we help you following an accident?

How can we help you following an accident?

Being seriously injured in an accident which is not your fault is likely to cause a lot of stress and anxiety, particularly if you are self-employed or if you find yourself unable to work for a significant period of time as a result of your injuries.  You may suddenly find yourself without an income at a time when your living costs have suddenly increased, and you may find yourself struggling to meet additional financial burdens such as care costs, for yourself or your children, or additional travel to medical appointments.  To make matters worse, you may experience difficulties accessing treatments you need to ensure a full and speedy recovery, such as physiotherapy or counselling.

We will guide you through the process of bringing a claim for compensation for your injuries from start to finish, and should you encounter any of the problems outlined above, we can help you take steps to address them, move forward and return to your pre-accident life as quickly as possible.

Whilst we do not recommend that you rush to settle your claim for compensation before you have fully recovered from your injuries, (any settlement will be in full and final settlement of your claim), but this does not mean that you will have to wait until you have fully recovered to receive anything from the party responsible for your injuries.

Once we have submitted your claim to the responsible party’s insurer, we will arrange for you to see a specialist independent medical expert, who will provide a detailed report on your injuries and your ongoing symptoms.  If you are experiencing financial difficulties because you are unable to work at all, or have had to reduce the number of hours you work as a result of your injuries, then once we have the initial medical report we can help you to obtain an interim payment to ease the financial pressure.  Moreover, if the medical expert is of the view that there are further treatments which would assist with your recovery, we can help you obtain funding to enable you to receive the recommended treatment from a private provider, without the delays which can sometimes arise from lengthy NHS waiting lists.

For more information or some preliminary, confidential advice contact a member of our Litigation Team in your local office.