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Our lawyers have extensive experience of advising multinational clients on their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) issues both nationally and internationally, in particular, in the Middle and Far East.

Your company may have developed original IPR that are destined for wider exploitation within your business or you are seeking to in-license the IPR of a business partner. Our lawyers experience includes advising clients who are seeking to monetize their valuable IPR, whether at home or in other jurisdictions, to extend the commercial reach of their business.

Our lawyers have demonstrable experience in many of the World’s IPR markets where the legal systems and local IPR protection vary extensively.

An IPR Audit is an excellent way to assess a client’s IPR assets, to consider any risks to those assets and to advise on the client’s current IPR strategy.

We work closely with our client’s to assist in devising and implementing their IPR management strategies.

Our Lawyers advise on:

Registration and Protection of Patents
Registration and Protection of Trade Marks
Registration and Protection of Copyright and Design Rights
IPR Audits
IPR Management Strategies
Out-Licensing Agreement for a Clients’ IPR
In-Licensing Agreement for another’s IPR
Initiating an IPR infringement Claim
Defending an IPR infringement Claim

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