Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney

By Jane Flaherty

Watching the documentary on Kate Garraway really touched a nerve with me as my husband has recently had a stay in hospital. What was first thought to be COVID turned out to be heart failure.  My husbands two weeks in hospital was difficult for me to cope with not being able to see him. However, this pales into insignificance when you think about the difficulties that Kate has had to endure.

Covid aside there are other situations that can come from a bolt out of the blue, like a stroke or an accident for example, which can also completely incapacitate someone. This can cause all sorts of problems for the spouse or partner that has the job of trying to keep everything going. If they cannot access their partners accounts or they cannot deal with their affairs because they do not have the legal authority to do so, it can add more stress to an already stressful situation.

Lasting powers of Attorney (LPA’S) are a way of planning for  those situations that we do not see coming. LPAs are legal documents that you can make to enable you  (the donor) to appoint a person or persons (attorney’s) on a legal footing to act for you if you were unable to make decisions.

There are two kinds, one for property and finance which allows your attorneys to step into your shoes and act the same way that you can in relation of your finances and property.  Secondly, for health and welfare that covers your care, life sustaining treatment as well as general treatment and any other welfare decision that you can no longer make. Taking some time now to consider the future can make a big difference.

I would strongly recommend that you seek legal advice to ensure that your LPAs are drafted bespoke to your needs and to ensure that you are guided through the choices involved in the process. If you have any questions regarding lasting powers of attorney, please contact Jane Flaherty on 01404 541904.