Michelmores’ 5k run – Thursday, 5th September, 2019

Michelmores’ 5k run – Thursday, 5th September, 2019

She left me in the car park!

My first trip out of the office with a fee earner. And I was left … in a bag … in the car! No cheering, no supporting. On my own, with banners and flyers. Just waiting.

She did seem in a hurry, though; dashing out one more email before leaving the office, so I’m not surprised she was rushing off to meet yet another deadline. I just didn’t know that the deadline was a starter’s gun for a race.

So this is how my first mascot journey started… being bundled into a vehicle, an impatient drive into the glorious city of Exeter and then waiting until Emma returned to the car. Finally, yes finally, she told me all about it: she was taking part in the Michelmores 5k run. Well, that’s ok then.

Emma, and over a thousand other runners, gathered on Cathedral Green in the golden light of the evening sun. It would have been nice to see it, and feel the excitement and nerves in the air, and to cheer Emma on, of course, but … she forgot me! Did I mention that? It’s ok. Really, it is. I’m over it now, besides, it sounded rather hot and sweaty.

Emma told me she had run under a nine minute mile – considering Exeter’s hilly route up to the Castle and down to St David’s station, it’s no wonder she was buzzing with endorphins and pride. She said Exeter looked beautiful; I’ll just have to take her word on that.

People of all ages and abilities took part. Emma said it was extremely rewarding and she was happy that she had some ‘Team Everys’ support, albeit in the car park!  Perhaps next year I’ll be allowed to watch, with more Everys runners and more supporters?!