What is a parental order?

To begin with, it is important to point out that a parental order is not about access to surrogacy.  The granting of a parental order affects the transfer of parental responsibility and legal parenthood to the commissioning/intended parent of a child born out of a...

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Medical Negligence & Surrogacy

Surrogacy law not only comes into play when intended parents wish to engage in a surrogacy arrangement, it can also be considered when determining the damages claim where there has been a missed diagnosis or a late diagnosis.  In the case of XX v Whittington NHS Trust...

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Sperm and Egg Donation Facts

Clinics If you are considering providing your eggs or sperm to someone who is not your partner to help them conceive, then it is important to be clear where you stand legally and to also be aware as to what you can do to protect yourself. If you are contemplating...

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What does a Fertility Clinic do?

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority regulates all UK donor conception treatments that take place at licensed clinics.  The clinic must comply with the HFEA’s Code of Practice. How do clinics operate? The activities conducted by all licensed clinics are...

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Surrogacy – Case Study

Mike and Marie have been trying to conceive for a number of years with IVF treatments all failing, and now they are looking to have a surrogacy arrangement. Is this legal in the UK? Maria asks. Altruistic surrogacy arrangements are the only permitted surrogacy...

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Having Children Later in Life vs Fertility Rates

With the wonderful news of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting a child in the spring it signifies the every-growing trend that couples are choosing to have children later in life. The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics (2016) show that the...

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New Year Brings New Promotions

Everys Solicitors is pleased to announce three new associate promotions effective as of 1st January, 2019. Emma Gray, Emma Benyon-Tinker and Kris Seed have all received their promotions as recognition of their dedication to the firm and their hard work. Emma Gray, a...

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Reasons for Divorce

It is very painful when a marriage break up occurs, and your first thoughts are not often about whether you need to obtain legal advice, so why might legal advice be required?  There are still many misconceptions about divorce, the process and when there should be a...

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Everys Taunton Office Continues Strategic Growth

Everys Solicitors has seen demand for services at its Taunton office rise substantially in recent months, resulting in the hiring of four new staff members. Anne-Marie Hamer has joined as a Solicitor in the Family Law department.  She is one of the few lawyers in the...

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New Appointment strengthens Everys Litigation Team

Everys Solicitors has appointed Kathy Trist to its Litigation Team. Based primarily in their busy Exeter office, Kathy will undertake general litigation matters with particular interest in property litigation, professional negligence and commercial contract disputes....

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Emma Gray Visits New Oncology Ward at Honiton Hospital

Emma Gray, a solicitor in our Private Client team, was invited by FORCE Cancer Charity to view the oncology facilities at Honiton Hospital on Friday, 23rd November 2018. Emma and other guests, including Cllr Duncan Sheridan-Shaw, were given a tour by FORCE’s CEO,...

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Why business owners can’t forget about Inheritance Tax

Do you have properties that you own which are used within a business? Have you considered how your business partners will buy out your share and run your business on your death? Do your company documents state what happens on the death of a business owner? Have you...

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