Everys Taunton Office Continues Strategic Growth

Everys Solicitors has seen demand for services at its Taunton office rise substantially in recent months, resulting in the hiring of four new staff members. Anne-Marie Hamer has joined as a Solicitor in the Family Law department.  She is one of the few lawyers in the...

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New Appointment strengthens Everys Litigation Team

Everys Solicitors has appointed Kathy Trist to its Litigation Team. Based primarily in their busy Exeter office, Kathy will undertake general litigation matters with particular interest in property litigation, professional negligence and commercial contract disputes....

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Emma Gray Visits New Oncology Ward at Honiton Hospital

Emma Gray, a solicitor in our Private Client team, was invited by FORCE Cancer Charity to view the oncology facilities at Honiton Hospital on Friday, 23rd November 2018. Emma and other guests, including Cllr Duncan Sheridan-Shaw, were given a tour by FORCE’s CEO,...

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Why business owners can’t forget about Inheritance Tax

Do you have properties that you own which are used within a business? Have you considered how your business partners will buy out your share and run your business on your death? Do your company documents state what happens on the death of a business owner? Have you...

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Will your executors know about all of your assets?

One of the main roles of your executors is to collect in your estate before settling any outstanding debts and distributing your estate in accordance with your Will. But will your executors know where to find all of your assets? More and more assets/accounts in this...

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Pets and Divorce – Who keeps the family pet?

One of the most often asked questions in a divorce is who is going to keep the family pet, be it the family dog or other much loved family pet.   Sometimes it is obvious that one party wants to keep the pet and the other party does not, in that case it is very...

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Separation – Your Questions Answered

Who should pay for what in the immediate aftermath of a break up? There are no rules as to who should pay for what in the immediate aftermath of a break up. Initially it is usually best to continue as you were whilst you are sorting out the new arrangements. If one...

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Budget 2018 Summary

The first Autumn Budget to be delivered on a Monday since 1962. Philip Hammond began his speech with a promise of ‘a Budget for Britain’s future’. Below is outline of the Budget announcements: Increasing funding to help department prepare for Brexit to over £4 billion...

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Why Use a Solicitors for the Elderly accredited lawyer?

Later life presents a set of challenges that, if not dealt with correctly, can have serious consequences not just for the individual concerned but for their family, too.  That’s why it’s essential that the lawyer you instruct to manage your affairs has the highest...

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Why do I need a Power of Attorney?

Everys solicitors act for a wide range of individuals both in relation to ordinary, enduring and lasting powers of attorney.  The ideal position is to assist individuals in preparing legal documents prior to any diagnosis of dementia.  However, we are often contacted...

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Protecting the family farm…Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

It is not the most romantic topic to discuss when you have just become engaged but you may need to consider whether a Pre-Nuptial agreement is something that you might need to discuss with your fiancé. It might be a second marriage, or it might you have inherited the...

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