Advice on Care Provision and Fees

Advice on Care Provision and Fees

Care provision and fees

The UK’s elderly care system is complex and there are different rules depending upon whether you live in England or Wales, Scotland being a separate legal jurisdiction. There are also different rules in place for residential care and domiciliary care, and the rules on who should pay what and when are not straightforward.

My many years of experience in this field have shown me that when a loved one needs care, it is not a coordinated or joined-up process, which adds to my client’s stress and anxiety for their loved one and the worry of whether they are doing their best by them.

Most elements of the care journey fall into two distinct areas:

  1. Welfare
    1. Getting the right care in place to meet a loved one’s needs.
    2. Understanding what is required to meet NHS continuing health care.
    3. Understanding the rules on how care can be provided both in a domiciliary setting and a residential setting.
    4. What to do if you are unhappy with the care package, and understanding who has the ability to make welfare decisions on their behalf.
  2.  Financial
    1. Understanding how and when care is and is not paid for, and how to manage a loved one’s finances in the most efficient way.
    2. What steps you may need to take to ensure that you have the legal authority to deal with your loved one’s finances.
    3. Clarification as to who should be responsible for paying for some or all of the care required.
    4. Advice on the financial assessment.
    5. Advice on top-up fees and care home contracts.
    6. If it is your spouse that is in care, are there any steps you should take in relation to your own finances?
    7. A review of your later life planning.
    8. Signposting to relevant professionals – e.g., financial advisor.

This is not an exhaustive list as every family is individual and we always advise on your own individual circumstances.

It is important from the outset to get independent advice that will act as your guide when supporting your loved one through this difficult time. Getting advice at the beginning may save you time and money and reduce the anxiety that comes during this time.

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