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At Everys, we help our clients resolve a multitude of issues which may arise whether in the normal course of business, or disputes that are completely unexpected and threaten the continuing viability of a business.  Whether you are a sole trader or multi-national corporation, business is never straightforward. 

We understand the financial and regulatory pressures that businesses face in this increasingly challenging and bureaucratic economy.  We are highly aware of the drain on time and resources that a dispute demands from those managing the business.  Our solicitors offer excellent legal, but more importantly, commercial advice, focusing on the solution and objectives.

Most commercial disputes are best resolved by negotiations, in order to find a happy compromise, rather than leave the outcome to the lottery of a decision imposed by a court.  If negotiations fail, we help clients to try and resolve disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), for example mediation or an independent expert’s determination.

Examples of the types of issues that we regularly advise upon include:

  • Contracts – It is the nature of conducting business that disputes are not altogether avoidable; we help you resolve disputes in the most commercial way possible. We regularly advise on disputes over contractual issues, ranging from delays and pricing and to quality or fitness for purpose, in supply of goods and services contracts, including building and engineering matters.  We also advise on disputes involving the provision of professional services by accountants, lawyers, agents etc.
  • Property – We are experts and have helped clients resolve all manner of property related disputes, ranging from trespass and rights of access and drainage, rights to light, to disputes concerning noise and smells and restrictive covenants.  We have the expertise and experience to help you deal with these unwelcome matters and commonly highly emotional and stressful matters. We also advise on disputes concerning commercial and residential tenancies, from rent recovery to forfeiture and repossession, as well as disputes over landlord’s and tenant’s obligations.
  • Partnerships & Shareholders – We have the experience and expertise to help resolve disputes between business partners and shareholders, across a range of industries, from farming to manufacturing, to professional practices. Retirement or exit from or dissolution of businesses, and valuation are common areas of dispute.
  • Insurance – Insurance company seeking to avoid liability and refusing to pay? Insurance is now commonplace and present in nearly all aspects of business, whether relating to properties or liabilities. We have the expertise and experience to help resolve disputes whether you are the insured or insurer.
  • Professional Negligence – If your professional advisers (IFA, lawyers, accountants, architects, surveyors, brokers etc.) have made an error and you have, as a consequence, suffered a loss, we are able to help you recover compensation.
  • Competition – If your business is suffering as a result of unfair competition from an ex-employee or misuse of your confidential information or trade secrets, we can help.  Likewise, you might be subject to unfair restrictions on your ability to conduct your business, in which case we can advise and, where appropriate, negotiate a release or relaxation of the restrictions.

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