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Car crashes and other accidents happen every day, but if you are injured in an accident which isn’t your fault it can turn your world upside down.

Accidents can bring unexpected stresses and strains. When you have an accident, it is not just the physical pain of the injury and the psychological impact of the accident which you have to cope with. Suddenly being unable to work for weeks or even months can cause additional worry and financial hardship. You may suddenly find yourself with additional expenses whilst at the same time suffering a reduction in income, and you may have to call on family, friends or paid helpers for assistance with personal care, domestic tasks, or looking after young children.

The idea of bringing a claim against the person, or people, responsible for your accident, especially whilst you are still recovering, may seem daunting, but seeking advice early on can make things easier. If you are in financial difficulties because you have been unable to work, we may be able to secure an interim payment to help you manage without feeling pressured into settling your claim too soon. We can also help you to obtain funding for further treatment which is not easily available on the NHS.

Personal Injury Case Studies

Case Study 1

A motorcyclist was knocked off his bike by a car and left with a permanent (albeit minor) injury. The car driver’s insurance company tried to undervalue the claim and persuade him to accept a “cash offer” which did not make sufficient allowance for the ongoing costs he would incur as a result of his injury. We helped him to secure an amount of compensation which included sufficient funding to cover his life-long treatment needs.

Case Study 2

A sports-loving client suffered a significant ankle injury as a result of a fall on a newly installed floor surface at her local community hall, which was used by a number of sports groups. We were able to establish that this was not simply an unfortunate mishap and, in fact the floor surface failed to meet the appropriate safety standards. As a result, our client received compensation for her injuries, the additional expenses she had incurred, and also enough to cover her future treatment needs.

Case Study 3

Two clients suffered life-changing injuries as a result of criminal assaults whilst at work. We helped them obtain compensation from their employers, which took into account the impact their injuries had on their ability to work in the future.

If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault and you want to know whether you can make a claim, please contact Ellen Stratton for an initial discussion and to arrange an appointment for one of our free personal injury clinics.

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