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Divorce and Separation Solicitors In The South West

Our aim is to provide an efficient and high quality level of personal service to meet your needs. We listen carefully to what you want in order to provide a service that is both personal and bespoke, minus any unnecessary technical jargon.

We seek to deliver service excellence with a modern approach for efficiency, including the use of technology, but always maintaining and respecting the traditional values of the solicitor and client relationship.

Divorce / Dissolution of Civil Partnership

Divorce is the legal process that dissolves your marriage. Dissolution brings to an end a civil partnership. Neither process ends financial relations between you. We can manage the process for you and will advise you on the options for divorce /dissolution available to you and what is in your best interests. We will ensure that the timing of the final decree ending your marriage/civil partnership protects your financial position.


If you’ve decided to separate we can help with this process and advise on either a separation agreement or a judicial separation depending upon your circumstances. Our divorce & separation solicitors can prepare separation agreements and draft the court documentation to achieve a judicial separation.

Financial Issues

Whether you’re separating or divorcing you need to ensure that you resolve financial issues between you so that you can ensure you’re properly provided for in the future. You need proper, specialist advice to ensure that whatever outcome you reach is fair and appropriate. We can support you in negotiating directly with your former partner or conduct negotiations on your behalf either directly with them or with their solicitors. It’s crucial to ensure that you have a full picture, and understanding, of all the assets and liabilities that need to be resolved and we can ensure that you obtain this. If there’s any suggestion of assets being hidden or dissipated to prevent a fair financial resolution we can obtain orders preventing this. If you choose to mediate we can assist you through that process helping you maximise the chances of resolving matters through mediation.

Our divorce & separation solicitors can offer collaborative law helping you work directly with your former partner and their representative in order to reach agreement. Whatever process you choose our aim is to help you achieve a positive outcome swiftly, cost effectively and amicably. If agreement can be reached we can translate that agreement into a binding court order. If it’s not possible to agree a negotiated settlement we will issue court proceedings and progress these efficiently and expertly to achieve a positive outcome.

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