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Family Finance Solicitors In The South West

One of the major concerns of divorce, or the ending of a civil partnership, is working out how best to divide the assets. The rules governing family finances are complex but from the outset both parties must fully disclose all assets, income and liabilities: bank statements, salary slips, property valuations, mortgage statements, pension valuations, investments and life insurance policies.

Sometimes, couples can agree the division of their assets between themselves, but, oftentimes, the parties involved have different views on what they consider to be a fair split and a solicitor is needed to help advise and negotiate on behalf of their client.

Our advice is always to try and reach an amicable agreement through the use of mediation or the collaborative process. The welfare of any children of the family is always the first concern which must be addressed and is given priority, then the current and future needs of both parties is considered. Our lawyers are trained mediation and collaborative lawyers and will help ease the emotional stress of dealing with finances.

If an amicable settlement cannot be reached through mediation or the collaborative process, then our lawyers will recommend the case goes to court and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

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