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Lasting Powers of Attorney – Financial Affairs

One of the important things to consider when planning ahead is how financial matters might be dealt with in the event of mental or indeed physical incapacity. The stresses arising from sudden or long term illness can be significantly reduced by the foresight to put in place a lasting power of attorney.

Everys can advise by discussing with you how best to frame your wishes within a Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney and we can prepare the document for you. In most circumstances, we can act as the Certificate Provider required to confirm your understanding of matters. We can also attend to the necessary registration with the Office of the Public Guardian.

Lasting Powers of Attorney – Health and Welfare

In the event of a person not having the mental capacity to make a decision with regard to his or her own care, an attorney appointed under a Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney is given authority to make such a decision. This can include “end of life” decisions. Many people like to have the comfort that such a decision-making process has been formalised. For people who do not have close family or who may wish to specify which family members above others are to be involved, a Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney can be particularly useful.

At Everys, we can advise as to the full implications of appointing Health and Welfare Attorneys and assist in the preparation and registration of such lasting powers of attorney. In addition, or as an alternative, we can advise and assist with respect to advanced decisions where the circumstances in which future medical treatment might be refused are set out.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

Prior to the introduction of lasting powers of attorney in 2007, it was possible to appoint attorneys under an enduring power of attorney (it is no longer possible to make new enduring powers of attorney). Lasting powers of attorney are similar in function to Financial Affairs Lasting Powers of Attorney. If all parties have signed the document prior to the cut-off date, the enduring power of attorney is normally still valid. We can advise as to the validity of existing documents and we can discuss whether the provisions of the enduring power of attorney are still appropriate to your circumstances.