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Our team truly understands the extreme difficulties experienced when personal matters don’t work out as planned.  They understand the emotional and financial stresses that follow.  It may be that your case involves separation following marriage or civil partnership, or that you have joint business interests to also consider.  It may be something to do with your children – concerns that you have about contact with your children.  It may be that you were never married but have other concerns from the separation from your partner; for instance, your joint home and your children. Or it may be that you are concerned grandparents.

Alternatively, you may be starting out in a relationship and want to protect your respective personal interests, whilst you live together, or before you marry and even after you have married.

Whatever your concerns are, our team will be happy to help you. They will advise you in plain English so that you can take the next steps forward. Our team will advise you upon your rights and what you can expect to achieve in your individual circumstances. Importantly, our team is friendly and approachable whilst providing expert advice and achieving the best outcome for you.

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