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All couples, whether married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting, invest heavily in their relationships believing they will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, for some, that is not always the case. Whilst most marriages do survive,  figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 42% of marriages end in divorce and amongst the older generation, the ‘Silver Splitters’ (65+), divorce rates are increasing.

In 2013, 94,864 children under the age of 16 saw their parents divorce. This statistic does not take into account children born to cohabiting couples, whose relationships are three times more likely to end than those who are married.

So, what should couples do to protect themselves and their children? First of all, those preparing for marriage or co-habiting should consider pre/post-nuptial or con-habitation agreements. These agreements are beginning to be more widely recognised and accepted and offer protection of assets should the relationship breakdown. Secondly, those going through a relationship breakdown should take legal advice if marriage guidance/relationship counselling has failed.

The unravelling of lives is fraught with emotional turmoil, and separating couples frequently are unable to remain objective. It takes understanding, patience and sensitivity to guide couples as to the best way forward; sometimes mediation or the collaborative process is the best option and could be kinder for the children as there is less chance of the divorce turning nasty.

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