Divorce – What Is The Process And Factors Affect The Cost?

Divorce – What Is The Process And Factors Affect The Cost?

Divorce can be a challenging, emotional, and often expensive process for couples. Whatever the reason behind your separation, if you and your spouse are seeking a divorce, here’s all you need to know about the process and associated costs. And if you’re looking for experienced divorce lawyers to support you with your case, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Everys Solicitors.

Can I get a divorce? 

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 42% of marriages end in divorce. For most couples, this is not a sudden turn of events — you may have felt emotional distance or marital discord for some time or have perhaps been living separately. Divorce is the legal ending of your marriage.

In England and Wales, to qualify for a divorce, you must:

  • Have been married for over a year.
  • Be in a relationship that has permanently broken down.
  • Be in a marriage that is legally recognised in the UK (including same-sex marriage). However, the process is different for a civil partnership.
  • Live in the UK permanently — or the UK must be the permanent home of your spouse.

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 came into force on the 6th of April 2022, allowing couples to divorce without having to demonstrate a ground for divorce. This has a very different approach than previously, now enabling couples to divorce on a ‘no fault’ basis.  The new Act also applies to civil partnership dissolution.

How long does the divorce process take?

The divorce process is unique to the couple involved, and their divorce lawyers. The new system involves parties being encouraged to agree on issues surrounding finances, property, children. The new Act requires a very different approach to the words previously used in Divorce. No longer will they be described as Petition; Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute.  Instead, the new wording will be Sole or Joint Applicant/s; Conditional Order and Final Order.

Divorce costs

Divorce costs can vary. To file an application, you will need to pay a £593 court fee.

A divorce will accrue the cost of standard court fees, along with your divorce lawyer’s fees. There may be additional fees if you need a replacement marriage certificate or any translation services.