Ration Challenge Week
Posted on 4th July, 2019

On 16th June, Julie Chapman, a solicitor in our Sidmouth office, took up the challenge of eating the same food rations as a Syrian refugee in support of Ration Challenge Week.

The aim of the challenge is to raise money for food, medicine and education for Syrian refugees; and for people to gain a basic understanding of some of the hardships refugees face in regards to food.

Julie kept a diary highlighting the challenges of eating basic food, and the effect it had on her physically and mentally.

By day five, Julie said: “I feel heavy, bloated and sluggish.  There is so much starch and so little fibre and nutrients.  It is very sobering to think that these people, who came from living normal lives, are reduced to living on these rations.”

The ration packs contained: rice, lentils, flour, chickpeas, kidney beans, sardines and oil.  In addition to this, depending on the amount of sponsorship money raised, Julie could earn rewards such as salt, milk or a vegetable.

Although the challenge began on 16th June, it can be started at any time.  If you are interested in reading more about the challenge, check out the Ration Challenge website at https://www.rationchallenge.org.uk/.

Well done Julie!

Julie Chapman with her ration pack contents

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